Choose for yourself: free or for money Free program to check domain names The professional version Whic pro. FAQ

Download free whois checker

downloadYou can download to your computer and use the free version Whic free (bulk domain checker), including for commercial purposes.

Order advanced bulk domain checker

Buy bulk domain checkerIf the functionality of Whic free is not enough, you can order Whic Pro. You will receive whois and other site metrics, proxies support. Also it is contains domain registration and domain state automation

Now the program, which previously existed only in Russian, is available in English. To acquaint English-speaking audience of potential users and to provide support the program also runs an English version of the website.

There is a free version Whic free and professional Whic pro with the advanced features. So that more people could use the program whic free, there are the following domains available: .COM, and all the Russian domain zones. Before the opening of the English version, there were only  the Russian domain zones available in whic free. 

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