Professional version, in addition to free base version whic contains a number of other featers.

Full list of supported zones:

  • Generic top-level zone (gTLD): .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, edu, .mobi, .tel, .asia, .cat, .aero, .coop.
  • National top-level zone (ccTLD): .at, .be, .bz, .cc, .ca, .cz, .de, .it, .in, .md, .mn, .uz, .fr, .kg, .il, .by, .co, .me, .mx, .us, .uk, .pl, .ru, .su, .kz, .tv, .ua, .im, .fm, .la, .ws, .ee, .lv, .lt, .eu, .cn, .jp, .se, .dk, .kr, .nu, .hu, .tw, .no, .pt, .cl, .ir, .sk, .fi, .hk, .my, .ch, .so, .ae.
  • New top-level zone (newTLD): .moscow, .москва, .mobi, .tel, .asia,, .club, .party, .wang, .berlin, .top, .link, .nyc, .guru, .click, .website, .ovh, .london, .email, .rocks, .ninja, .webcam, .photography, .today, .company, .solutions, .property, .tokyo, .tips, .aero, .coop, .ventures, .singles, .bike, .holdings, .plumbing, .clothing, .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, сontractors, .land, .technology, .construction, .directory, .kitchen, .diamonds, .enterprises, .voyage, .shoes, .careers, .photos, .recipes, .limo, .domains, .cab, .computer,  .center, .systems, .网址, 公司, 在线, 网络

Additional features and characteristics extracting from other web-sources

    • Site server  (IP, DNS, HTTP response code of main page, metatag description and title of a page);
    • (Availability of sites content copy in this online-archive);
    • SeoMoz: Domain Authority, Page Authority, External equity links, URL MozRank;
    • Google Apps checker;
    • Yandex: CY, Ya.Catalog, mirror (glue), yandex bar thematics, indexed pages and domain references;
    • Alexa Rank;
    • Some charecteristics according to Solomono service(donor sites and pages, iGood Din and iGood DOut)
    • and other site's SEO-parameters
  • Automated scanning (setting the time interval for automatic periodic scanning of the list in whic).
  • Auto registration (the registration of domains directly from the application via http API gateway registrars). You can simultaneously add multiple registrars. When this option is selected together with the preceding, the whic can operate as a domain catcher.
  • Work through a proxy server with a customizable list of socks. For each source, you can enter a set of proxy. Type: socks proxy.
  • and much more...


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