2.5.2 options form screenshotUsers of the FULL version of the software can already try the new build 2.5.2

The software has improved the algorithm for working with large proxy lists (proxy rotation). The effect is particularly noticeable when scanning domains where whois servers have very strict limits.

Also added the ability to disable unnecessary parsers in the options. This partially solves the problem of running out of memory when opening large lists of domains.

Added and improved in comparison with version 2.5.1:

  • Fixed: date in whois .co,.in [zones, webmaster, full]
  • Changed: the address of the whois server .pp.ru, .org.ru, .net.ru [*]
  • Fixed: .*.EN [zones, webmaster, full]
  • Fixed: .ai .in Rus, .us .biz .pw .jp .co .uz .fm .tel .nyc,.by,.mn,.org,.kg,.at,.il,.club .top .xyz,.cm,.me,.moscow,.tel,.club .party .wang .nyc .click .webcam .london,.io,.name,.limo,.il,.berlin [zones, webmaster, full]
  • Added: tray menu items
  • Some fixes to the mode of automation [full]
  • Added: support for Registrar parser R01 at 2.5 [full]
  • Added: setting "don't add 3d level subdomain part..." [*]
  • Fixed: setting API limits for registrars [full]
  • Fixed: Bug with "turn Off if there was no answer anymore" setting ..."[zones, webmaster, full]
  • Fixed: bug with "Disable silent proxies" setting [zones, webmaster, full]
  • Added: Namesilo API [full]
  • Added: INWX API [full]
  • Added: in the form of adding domains, the command to remove all domains of the higher third level from the lines (for example, deleted-part.domain.com - > domain.com) [*]
  • Added: HexoNet.net API [full]
  • And others improvements and bug fixes
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