What is a PBN and how to use it

PBN (Private Blog Network) – a network of your personal websites the main target of which backling profile of your site. To increase better ranking in search engines. PBN building has a pros and risks.

The main goals of using and building PBN networks
The main goals of using and building PBN (Private Blog Network) networks increasing the site positions in the search engine results by obtaining backlinks from private blogs, which are controlled and managed by the owner of the site. Other goals of PBN use: 1. Increase the visibility of the site in search engines 2. Improve the quality and quantity of site backlinks 3. Increase traffic to the site.

How to use FoxWhois domain checker

Domain dropThe time of domain deleting (drop time) from registry depending on the domain extensions:

We decided to write an article about the time of deleting domain names from the registry, depending on the domain zone. Most of you who use the FoxWhois FULL version for dropcatching domain names have faced the problem when to start FoxWhois dropcatching in order to successfully catch domains. The current list of registrars supported by the program https://foxwhois.com/en/pro/help/registrars

Generic top-level domains (gTLD: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .pro) 

For domain names in .COM and .NET extensions deleting times 18:00 - 19:00**

For domain names in .ORG extension deleting times 14:30 - 15:30**

For domain names in  .INFO extension deleting times 15:30 - 15:40**

For domain names in  .BIZ extension deleting times 17:20 - 18:00**

For domain names in  .PRO extension deleting times 15:30 - 15:40**

Linux OS (Ubuntu, Debian etc)From now a Linux version (desktop) of the FoxWhois software is available for FULL config users. You can write to us if you need this version.

FoxWhois telegram channelFor our customers and others: telegram channel https://t.me/FoxWhois (@FoxWhois)  with our latest news, answers to frequently asked questions and the nuances of working with the software.

Update has been released to fix bugs associated with some variation in issuance whois com domains. 2.4.6 the latest build of the free version can be downloaded at url. Users of the paid versions who are not able to download the update can write on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you to be updated

WhiC => FoxWhois

Announce the rebranding project. The new project name FoxWhois Some important points

  1. The product software WhiC is now called FoxWhois.
  2. Official site of the software is transferred to the FoxWhois.com
  3. All WhiC software licenses and agreements remain in force for FoxWhois.


Starting today, for all the potential buyers of the paid version of whic is available another type of licence - "year". The licence is limited in time (exactly one year) and price it much cheaper than a lifetime license (unlimited in time).

The terms of "lifetime" license, which was available on the website to this day also remains valid and available for purchase. Please note that all the terms of sale whic for users who bought the program previously remain valid.

Генератор по маске a(\L)c$1$1Many users appreciate the possibilities of whic built-in generator of domain names, as well as the mask pattern generator of keywords. In our blog briefly described generator capabilities. Begin with version has new features mask generator of keywords, which are asked to domainers - a mask with repeated subexpressions. In the simplest case, this type of lists: ABCBB, ABBCC etc

For example, you want to create a list of combinations of keywords, like: abcbb, adcdd, aecee, afcff etc. If you make a mask \L\L\L\L\L, the combinations count will be 11,881,376 Mask pattern generator. 5 letters, but we do not need so much. In such cases the updated mask syntax help us. To get the above list, we use parentheses (...) to denote a subexpression, and then inserted into the mask field, the $ sign with the numeral indicates the ordinal number of the subexpression in the mask. In our list should be repeated by one character, so the mask is as: a(\L)c$1$1. The number of combinations at once is limited to 26 (aacaa, abcbb, acccc, adcdd, aecee, afcff, ...) Mask pattern a(\L)c$1$1.

Whic - Domain name generator

Domain name generator Whic - free tool which helps to find a free domain for your future site. Whic generates domain by masks, words etc. After generation the list uploading to whois checking.

You can run Whic by the following ways:
Example 1.
Choose in toolbar Tools--> domain name genertor or domain name generator by mask
Example 2.
Choose icon "Green plus" --> and press the button add domain using domain generator
Example 3.
Press right mouse button on the domain field --> choose "Add domains using domain generator"

How to generate domain list by keywords

Consider registrars with whom Whic Pro can Autoregister(catch) domains.
The list of supported API by Whic Pro

Dynadot.com - Dynadot

Internetbs.net - InternetBS

Namecheap.com - Namecheap





Nic.ru - Ru-Center

R01.ru - R01

Reg.ru - Reg.ru

Naunet.ru - Naunet

Axelname.ru - Axelname

Ardis.ru  - Ardis

Webnames.ru - Webnames.ru

Attention! For additional fee we can write a solution for your Registrar API. Submit your application on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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