Why the need for proxy support in the program? To avoid the ban?
No, the program works well to avoid bans even without proxy. The proxy is only needed to increase the speed of scanning

The default list of proxy servers is "localhost". When I add my proxies, then this line removed?
As you want to. Removing this line the program will make requests only through these proxy servers. If you leave, then requests will be made from your IP as well as in normal mode. Recommended most reliable and fast proxy servers move to the top of the list, in this sense, localhost also better to leave at the beginning.

The program scans through a proxy servers but it writes no responce?
What type of proxy server You have added? Supports socks 4 and socks 5. Servers can be added in the form SERVER_ADDR:NN, where SERVER_ADDR is the domain name or IP address of the server, and NN is the port running the proxy server, that is, for example, 111.23.423.52:1080. Also, keep in mind that the proxy server can simply hang out, this often happens, for example, with public proxy servers. If there is a username and password, the entry will be in the form LOGIN:PASSWORD@SERVER_ADDR:NN

How do I connect to my registrar?
If Your registrar is supported by our software, find the template settings file in the url that You received in the first email of subscription. In the settings registrar file find the section [Values] and edit the values. Type variables in the specified section:

ClientID=LOGIN - Your registrar API login. Usually the same as the account login
Password=PASSWORD - Your API password
ns1=NAME_SERVER1 - 1-st NS server
ns2=NAME_SERVER2 - 2-nd NS server
ProfileName=CONTACT_PROFILE - domains' contact profile
Period=PERIOD - delegation period

Different templates of registrar configuration files usually have custom fields, the purpose of which is usually clear from the titles. Instead of ProfileName parameter also some registrars is the ability to specify contact data for registration directly in the settings file that also depends on the Registrar. It is recommended to first try a test to specify the gateway address of the Registrar or authority test data (login/password) to check the validity of input values and check the API server responses, trying to register the domain through the program in nonautomatic mode.

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