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FoxWhois 2.5.3 free (Windows)

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Previous versions

Whic 2.4

FoxWhois 2.5.3 free (Linux)

Download Download Linux free foxwhois-free_2.5.3.16-1_amd64.deb

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PriceLifetime licence* Download free $95 $245
Year licence** $35 $95
Bulk (mass) domain whois lookup Yes Yes Yes
Support whois lookup for .com, .ru, .su, .рф domain extensions Yes Yes Yes
Full Email Customer Support No Yes Yes
Support socks proxy for faster scanning No Yes Yes
Maximum count of threads for the parser 10 255 No limit
Whois lookup for gtld, cctld, newTld domains  No  Yes  Yes
Extra site parameters, extracting from other web-sources (read more)  No  Yes  Yes
Automation (Registrar and automation scan)  No  No  Yes

* The license for the software product whic 2.x is not limited in time
** The license is limited to one year

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