Генератор по маске a(\L)c$1$1Many users appreciate the possibilities of whic built-in generator of domain names, as well as the mask pattern generator of keywords. In our blog briefly described generator capabilities. Begin with version has new features mask generator of keywords, which are asked to domainers - a mask with repeated subexpressions. In the simplest case, this type of lists: ABCBB, ABBCC etc

For example, you want to create a list of combinations of keywords, like: abcbb, adcdd, aecee, afcff etc. If you make a mask \L\L\L\L\L, the combinations count will be 11,881,376 Mask pattern generator. 5 letters, but we do not need so much. In such cases the updated mask syntax help us. To get the above list, we use parentheses (...) to denote a subexpression, and then inserted into the mask field, the $ sign with the numeral indicates the ordinal number of the subexpression in the mask. In our list should be repeated by one character, so the mask is as: a(\L)c$1$1. The number of combinations at once is limited to 26 (aacaa, abcbb, acccc, adcdd, aecee, afcff, ...) Mask pattern a(\L)c$1$1.

Of course possible more interesting options. Several subexpressions in a mask and other keys (for example, only vowels or consonants): a(\C)$1(\V)$2 - [abbaa, abbee, abbii, abboo, abbuu, accaa, ...]. Multi-character subexpressions: (\C\V)$1 - [baba, bebe, bibi, bobo, bubu, caca, cece, cici, coco].

Here are other examples of the generator pattern mask:

  • words of three characters, first and last of which is repetitive consonant and a vowel in the middle - (\C)\V$1
  • words with the first two repeating syllables and the last any character of the alphabet and digits - (\C)(\V)$1$2\L

Users of the paid versions can try new generator keyword of domains now. In the free version new functionality will also appear in the near future, starting with version 2.4.4.

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